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Welcome to Yin Yang Labs acupuncture. We focus on bringing the body back into balance naturally using acupuncture and natural modalities. We also share an office with Potter Physical Therapy and often combine the treatments for a enhanced affect. We are located in Lutz, Florida and serve the Tampa Bay and Trinity area. We treat many issues such as pain, digestive issues, pelvic floor dysfunction, connective tissue disorders, general orthopedics, fertility and much more. 


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All Natural Injections

Injection Therapy Tampa Bay_B12 Injections Lutz_Lipo Injections Tampa Bay_Lipo Injections

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Session

Results & Recovery


Movement of the body is of utmost importance and throughout the treatment process you will learn different functional tasks and exercises intended to strengthen or stretch muscles as well as alleviate pain.

Our Clinic

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