Physical Therapy Session


$120 First Visit
$90 Reoccurring

Physical therapy can benefit the movement of muscles in the body, therefore eliminating pain. Our physical therapist is specialized in pelvic floor therapy as well. You can contact us to check physical therapy coverage under your insurance. 



$100-110 First Time Acupuncture

$ 45-55 Reoccurring Acupuncture

We are no longer accepting New Patients for Acupuncture. Please check with us later. If you are a current patient you may still use the portal to make an appointment. Thank you. 

Our Full body acupuncture treatment will help fix your bad back, knee, neck, sciatic pain and or may help with digestive and stomach problems, migraines, and infertility. This kind of acupuncture is done on a table. Our base acupuncture is on the lower scale of payment but if you have severe pain, we add electrostimulation for an extra cost. You can contact us to see if your insurance plan accepts acupuncture. Cupping is not included and is added on for an extra cost. 

You can only book online if you have been to us before. 

Drug and Syringe


$30 per injection (Contact Us for More Info)


We offer Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B1, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Herbal Pain Relief Injections.