Doctor and Patient

Initial Consultation


As a new patient, we would like to perform a proper diagnosis and find the root cause of your ailment. This will allow us give you the best possible treatment. This includes an in-house herbal consultation as well.


Hair Follicle Testing


Our hair follicle testing will find what deficiencies you are currently having. It will also test for any food intolerances you are having as well. We can take your deficiencies that we see and fill them in with the best possible foods and herbs.


Ear Acupuncture

$35 First Visit

$20 Reoccurring

Ear acupuncture will help you relax and ease your addiction problem. We offer this particular revive for $35 for new patients and after that, $20 is  all you have to pay. Although, it does not include any fee for herbal treatment.

Chair Acupuncture

$85 First Time

$35 Reoccurring

As the name implies, chair acupuncture is done in a chair and will include your head, arms and legs. This kind of acupuncture is ideal for patients with migraines, fertility issues, pain in the knee, elbow pain and for your overall relaxation. 

Acupuncture Session

Full Body Acupuncture

$120 First Time

$70 Reoccurring

Our Full body acupuncture treatment will help fix your bad back, neck, sciatic pain and or may help with digestive and stomach problems. This kind of acupuncture is done on a table. 

website cupping.jpg


$60 First Time

$45 Reoccurring

We also offer cupping massages. Cupping massage helps to work on those deep tissues, pulling out toxins and releasing the tension in your muscles. This kind of massage normally lasts for about 30 minutes. (This does not include an herbal consultation)