Women's Balance Tea Blends

Not every woman suffers from infertility for the same reasons. Your hormone imbalance is going to be completely different than the woman standing next to you. So why would you take the same thing that someone else is taking? Look through the signs and symptoms of the teas below to see which tea is the best fit for you (remember you do not have to have every sign and symptom, just pick the one that fits you most). You can also mix up to two teas if you feel that you fit into two categories. For example, if you have ovarian cysts and suffer from migraine headaches and painful periods than you can take our Foxy Baby™ and Baby Bloomer™ tea. You can do one tea in the morning and one at night (it doesn't matter which one is in the AM or PM, as long as they are separate). If you have any questions about which category you are in, please contact us. 


Women's Loose Tea Blends Fire Formula

Signs & Symptoms

If you feel like the following signs and symptoms fit you best then this is the tea for you.


Pale Complexion

Pale Tongue 

Low Energy

Not Getting Pregnant

Light Menstruation

Hair Loss

Irregular Menstruation

Weight Loss

This is a great formula that can also be paired with our Water Formula if you have these signs and symptoms with ovarian cysts.

You can also pair this with our Wood Formula if you suffer from migraine headaches as well. 


Baby bloomer™ Signs & Symptoms

If you feel like the following signs and symptoms fit you best then this is the tea for you.


PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

Painful Menstruation

Irregular Menstruation


Fibrocystic Breasts

Reoccurring Miscarriages

Cervical Polyps

Weight Gain

This is a great formula that can also be paired with Blushing Baby™ and Foxy Baby™ teas. For example, if you run low iron but also have painful periods and headaches you can use this tea with the Blushing Baby™ Tea. Also if you suffer from cysts and have migraine headaches you can use this with the Foxy Baby™ Tea. 

foxy baby™ Signs & Symptoms

This formula is a classic for those who suffer from ovarian cysts and fibroids. It may also be used if you have lumps in your breasts (assuming that you have had the lumps in your breasts checked by your doctor to make sure they are benign). This tea can also be paired with Baby Bloomer™ Tea or Blushing Baby™ Tea. This is an ancient blend of herbs for ovarian cysts and fibroids and can also be paired with the Blushing Baby™ and Baby Bloomer™ teas if you feel like you need an extra boost. 


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